The video – published on this Facebook page – is of a technical rehearsal.

The first performance was last night at the Tavistock Institute:

  • hard hitting: calling a spade a spade about ‘society’ maybe being more responsible for our individual ‘problems’ than we ourselves?
  • making fun: the language used to camouflage rather than address the real issues in and between people;
  • provoking: society being unable to ‘help’ children who are being mistreated by their parents…

Two wonderful actresses, lovely ‘Freudian slippers’ and other  and a subtle comment with the aid PowerPoint slides.


Speculating from the introduction, the Institute seems to be more preoccupied with ‘curing’ perpetrators than with soothing the wounds in children and victims…

Instead, we discover institutionalised child abuse to propagate the paedophile agenda, or, as John Hemming MP used to say:

Social Services get involved when they shouldn’t
and they don’t get involved when they should.

I.e. ‘Society’ doesn’t care, does it!!!???…