Ever since I was told that my pain is ‘psychological’, I dug deeper and deeper into psychology, psychotherapy and the intriguing links between Self and Society. In fact, “Personal Growth and Social Transformation” was the topic of one of the conferences I organised in Geneva between 1978 and 1981.

Far from Fiction” addresses the issue from the points of view of

  • a 19-year old woman who is anorexic and self-harming and “can’t eat because she can’t live”;
  • a 69-year old Social Anthropologist who is a former actress and “murdered her soul” during her life;
  • labelling ‘cases’ in mental hospitals that are ‘Far from Reality’!!!

We end up having to Oppose Deception!

Fortunately that has just happened on a large scale:

But what do you and I need to do make such good news happen?

  • healer heal thyself
  • we need to look at our wounds, acknowledge them, cry for them and heal, heal, heal;
  • one of my mantras is: I deeply and completely love and accept myself!

Far from Fiction is an EXCELLENT encouragement to FEEL our feelings AND express them rather then hide them behind ‘complex needs’!

We may have to buy our own ‘Freudian slippers’, as Sally Willis shows us…

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