16 07 24 SunshineSally and Pam are here with ‘Katsura Sunshine‘ –
the name given to Canadian storyteller of Slovenian origin Gregory Robic.

Here he is in a tartan kimono – bringing ‘Rakugo’ to Edinburgh. ‘Rakugo‘ is a Japanese art of story telling that has a long tradition and strict rules.

Comic entertainment of a universal nature – cutting across language and cultural boundaries – a unique Japanese art form – brought to the English speaking world by a uniquely universal artist.

Katsura Sunshine is the only Westerner of 800 Japanese Rakugo artists – below with his Japanese wife. Here’s his website. And here’s an excellent interview in The Japan Times.

16 07 24 Sunshine Wife 216 07 24 Sunshine Wife

Today we met Sunshine at The Forge in Camden where he told the story of a German fairytale by the Grimm brothers: Der Gevatter Tod [Godfather Death].

Long live the consciousness that connects us all across centuries, continents, language and cultures!