I built this little site in support of Pam Martell who put her efforts into making Far From Fiction happen on stage: first as a reading at a prestigious conference in the Tavistock Centre, then in the most charming pub theatre Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town.

Theatre is the creative space where freedom of speech still reins, where ‘gagging’ is not (yet) allowed.

I know of too many parents whose children were taken by Social Services with the aid of Police and who were ‘gagged’ from speaking out. That is one of the aspects that make the UK unique in the world-wide phenomenon of child abuse and child trafficking.

In “Far from Fiction“, unspoken pain is expressed. Is it the ‘comforter’ that is used as ‘Ersatz’ for parental love that creates a society of institutional repression, suppression, oppression and ultimately corruption of mind and spirit?

Can we re-awaken the spirit of the Greek theatre as we began with an event at the Theatro Technis?

Time will tell!